About me

Hi! My name is Heidi; I am an Interior Designer by qualification, retail worker by day, writer and dreamer by night. I live in Cardiff with my Husband in a two bedroom Victorian terraced house, which we have been renovating, mostly by ourselves, since June 2015. In some respects, it has been the worst 19 months of our lives, but now we’re pretty much done, it’s time to reminisce. And warn others.

I like sausage dogs, strong coffee, holidays, and most yellow things.

For my job, I advise people on curtains, blinds and bespoke window treatments, which means I know a lot about curtains, blinds and bespoke window treatments. Luckily, I love fabrics and I love designing things that people will love to have in their homes, so most days are good ones.

I have always fancied myself with a bunch of journals and fountain pens, but considering it’s 2017 and technology still seems to be winning, I’ve upgraded.

Over the last 6 months I’ve got myself a few little copywriting clients which is great; I’m also working on a website which should be ready soon-ish to publish my portfolio, but for now, please use the Contact form to message me if you are interested in using me for your content or copy needs.

I also absolutely love Instagram, so give me a follow if you like what you see here: @secret_yellow_home.