The hall, stairs and landing

This can often be an overlooked part of a house – especially when it’s not grand, not big, and not well lit – like ours! Terraced houses in this area all have the same narrow, Victorian hallways – with varying degrees of ‘open-plan-ness’ thank’s to decades of refurbs.

Ours started as very un-open-plan except for being open to the kitchen at the end, only separated by a bizarre voile curtain on a wire situation. That didn’t last long. The first job we had done, was to take the wall between the dining room (middle room) and hallway down, so the hall would lead passed the separate lounge to an open dining room, leading to the already open kitchen.

Usually in these houses, the front room (lounge) and middle room (dining room) are knocked into one, but this still leaves a separate kitchen which isn’t big enough for a table. So, we figured our plan would be a more functional, sociable way of using the space we had, without having to fork out on extensions. It was actually the estate agent’s idea, but I don’t mind taking the credit.

Aside from this main decision, there hasn’t been much in the way of major changes, it’s just been a case of re-decorating to make it lighter, new flooring, lots of glossing of woodwork and a few accessories here and there. It still looks fairly bare, but it’s such a tight space, we didn’t want to over-clutter it, and if there’s anything in the world of Interiors that bugs me the most, it’s ‘gallery walls’ full of meaningless stock artwork. Mini rant over.

So here’s some before and afters to illustrate the work we did!

The dining room wall situation.

Before and after…

And a cheeky little dining room preview!

The landing.


I forgot to mention that for whatever reason, all our internal doors were painted pale blue. Very odd considering nothing else in the house was blue. Also, we completely stripped the wall on the right back to the original lath and plaster and then re-boarded it, and had it re-plastered, as the original plaster was blown and cracked and so bad that the wall moved when you pressed it! Eek! Looks lovely like this though, doesn’t it?!

Before and after…

It was too yellow, even for me!

We re-instated the glass panels above the bathroom door to allow more light into the landing and fixed some balls to the top of the newel posts (I thought they looked like they should have them when they didn’t)!

The new carpet is a 100% wool grey and cream pinstripe – it doesn’t photograph great in wide shots, so here’s some close-ups. One of my most favourite things is how it’s cut and fitted between the balustrade spindles. I’m sure it was the fitters’ favourite job of the day!

The hallway.

Before and after…

This next before and after is my favourite…

My bright yellow door is the finishing touch!

I can remember walking in on our first viewing and being totally sure we could make it nice, but now looking back at how grim it was, I’m surprised we really had the vision and so proud of how far it’s come! I think the entrance is a tad more welcoming now!

Some details.

The coat hooks were from a second hand shop in Cheltenham, the landing has transformed into Husband’s guitar storage area/Beatles shrine, and the lights were a bargain pick up from a B&Q reduced to clear sale – I just love the shadows they cast!

So there you have it. Not hugely exciting, but sometimes a neutral colour and simple details is all you need to make a huge difference to open up the space downstairs and lighten up the landing. I hope you like it too!

Thanks for reading!

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6 Responses to The hall, stairs and landing

  1. roxydog44 says:

    You need to give yourselves a huge pat on the back, not just for having the vision to transform the whole house, but also the stamina to get it all done! X

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your house has the exact same layout and proportions as mine. To be honest, all the building was already done when I bought it. You’re right regarding the gallery walls. It’s something very personal.


    • secretyellowhome says:

      Yes I dare say 50% of Cardiff homes are fairly similar! Lucky you though – the building work was really hard to live through, I don’t think I’d want to do it again!


  3. melanie says:

    Dont forget the outside entrance. In germany they spend a fortune on the front door for some inane reason. No decorating for us as we are happy just renting altho it is freezing cold indoors. In fact last 3 days there has bee frost!


    • secretyellowhome says:

      Yes, sprucing up the outside is the last job on the list! Wow, that’s chilly! Hope it warms up soon, it’s hard to imagine frost in Portugal! X


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