Where have I been – this time?

So last time I went AWOL it’s because I was having too much fun and going on holiday. This time I’ve been a bad blogger for almost 2 months! Oh deary me.

I do have 2 fairly good reasons why my head has not been in the game though…

1 – Work

So this time of year, in my day job, it is all about one thing – Christmas! Or rather, the dreaded, Pre-Christmas delivery cut off dates. FYI it was yesterday, so if by some magic you know where I work, this is my worldwide announcement that “No!” you can’t have your bespoke curtains fitted before Christmas now. Get over it.

But what it does mean, is that for the last few weeks I haven’t even known what I look like. Who has time for mirrors when IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!! Spoiler. It’s not. There’s still 6 weeks.

I’ve never quite understood the idea of getting brand spanking new stuff in time for Christmas. Yes, it means you can show off your swanky new home furnishings to your “friends and family”, or whoever you’re stuck in a continual one-upmanship competition with, but I’d much rather my drunken relative (Ok, I mean me) spill their cherry-coloured beverages over my crappy old carpet, or use my limp temporary readymade curtains as a way to haul themselves off the floor, not the fancy thousand-pound* embroidered stunners I’d just had installed. But there we go – apparently, I am in the minority.

Alongside this, I have also been doing some copywriting work for friends and their websites. And whilst it is hugely fun and exciting, it is time-consuming and slightly worrying that it seems that basically the whole of the internet is made up of a series of copywriters using each other’s work as a basis for their own articles. Just saying – if you ever need to find out something serious – don’t use the internet. It’s probably someone like me who wrote it.

2 – The Future

So, this is probably the bigger, slightly more “Holy Sh*t” reason as to why my mind has been elsewhere. For about a year now, things have been a-happening in our household with regards to our future. When I’ve told our friends and families, and started the sentence with;

“Husband and I are…”

you can tell everyone is expecting us to be expecting. Sorry Parents, you’ll have to wait a while longer to be Grand-People. I have seen the slightly disappointed faces, vague looks of confusion and general concern. Until I finish the sentence with;

“…moving to Australia!”

Yes, it is true. The Robbins’ are emigrating and we are bricking it!


This is me in Brisbane almost 4 years ago… And come 5th June 2018, this is where we’ll be calling home! 

When we first started the Visa process last year, it was kind of a 50% chance we’d get through all of the obstacles lying in wait. Husband, luckily has qualifications and skills which are in demand over there, which is how we have got our Visas, but he still had to do a seriously hardcore English test (despite being English for his whole life!) to prove that he could read, write, speak and listen to English and prove that he understood what he was reading, writing, saying and hearing. And, as if that pressure wasn’t enough, due to the fact it’s a points-based Visa we were applying for, he had to get top marks to boost our points, as after he turned 33, we lost 5 points. According to Australia, 33 is when life starts going downhill. Lol.

He also had to do a skills assessment which entailed so much paperwork that it cost £15.00 to post it all to our agents in London. That is a lot of paperwork! Hilariously, they actually changed to an electronic system the day after we posted it all, so we had to have it all posted back, to scan it all in and send it as an email. Major lols.

Meanwhile, all I needed to do was tell them my name and show them our wedding certificate to prove I wasn’t just married to him for his money! Even bigger lols.

So anyway, after a nerve wracking 4 month wait after submitting our application in the Summer, having medical tests and police checks to prove we aren’t going to cost their medical system millions or be super dodgy, we had our Visas approved on the 23rd October.

**Insert picture of us excitedly waving our Visas to the camera.

I can’t actually do this photo, as it turns out that Visas are electronically linked to our passports, so you don’t actually get ‘A Physical Visa’. I feel like they could have at least printed something on a bit of paper for us, considering how much we’ve paid for these imaginary Visas.

Anyway, it seems that now Husband has gone through all of the trauma getting us our Visas, it’s going to be my turn to actually get us there. We have booked our flights, so we have an end date, so now it’s a case of finding jobs, finding somewhere to live, getting all our crap over there, closing all our accounts over here and opening accounts over there… Oh, and selling our house! No biggie.

But never fear. I am hoping not to be such a terrible blogger and at least finish what I started, which is showing you all what we did to this house – before we leave it! I still have the hall/stairs/landing and dining room to talk about, as well as all the little finicky bits we’re doing now to spruce the place up to get it on the market after Christmas. I dare say I’ll keep you posted on the sale/emigrating process too if it’s not too boring for you!

Strangely, when we bought this place I remember saying that I couldn’t imagine living in it for much longer than 3 years. It’s only small and not a perfect location, but it got us on the ladder (only for us to spectacularly jump off it again now)! As it turns out, all going to plan, we will be moving out exactly 3 years after we moved in. Fate, I like to call it.

Thanks for reading people. I would appreciate any words of enthusiam, positivity or reassurance! If you’re feeling like a Negative Nancy, please don’t leave a comment. Thank you in advance…

*Just in case Husband ever reads this, this is my disclaimer to say that unless I won the lottery – and I’m talking major huge jackpot – I would never spend a thousand pounds on a pair of curtains.

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