Pick of the week #17

This week’s pick of the week is Loaf. I’m sure you’re all aware of the Interiors brand; its big news in the furniture world, and is becoming more accessible with an exclusive range of their home products now available to buy through the high street giant, John Lewis.

They do a huge range of all types of furniture, but I would say they’re probably most well-known for their sumptuous sofas and wow factor upholstered beds which are available in a plethora of striking colours.

Hugger winged back bed

The Hugger bed in Dusk vintage linen 

I’ve always been a fan of their sofas; their proportions are great, the colour options of their upholstery fabrics is fab (yes, there’s a bright yellow option or two!) and their designs are livable but just that bit different to the run of the mill option.

What I like too, is that all of their items are made in Great Britain, which is a claim hard to find these days. Just to prove it, there’s some fun pictures of their factory team, hard at work, on their website which is a really nice touch…

Having a cuppa in a KitKat mug. Can’t get more British than that!

What particularly caught my eye this week was the Oscar corner sofa, which was the main focus in a townhouse living room I visited on Friday;

Image result for loaf oscar corner sofa grey

Ok, so it doesn’t look much there, does it. Here’s a better picture of the chaise end option from the same range, but styled up a bit…

British made luxury Oscar Chaise corner sofa and Legsie footstool in shaker blue herringbone

The amazing, trans-formative effect of a scatter cushion or two…

Anyway, it’s seriously comfy, would easily fit both Husband and I on (which considering that at 6ft 1″, I am the smaller of the two of us is no mean feat) and most importantly of all, when I showed Husband a picture of it, he liked the way it looked too! The first time in all of history we have agreed on the look of a sofa. Hence why it’s worth a mention on here!

Needless to say that at the moment our pocket money won’t quite stretch to it (a little over £3k in my preferred indigo blue linen!) and our living room is not the right shape for a corner sofa at all, but watch this space people… we have our future sofa all lined up, ready for when we win the lottery and have moved to our dream palatial residence!

On a more realistic note, their website is definitely worth a gander if you’re looking for some rather lovely inspiration, mixing their super soft looking upholstery, with more industrial looking lighting and furniture to great effect.

Here’s what I mean, to whet your furniture-y appetite! Bon appetit…

Image result for loaf yellow sofa

The Dixie sofa in Bumblebee clever velvet. Obviously, I want this. Enough said.

Mimosa bed headboard has hand embroidered buttons in a luxury upholstered headboard

The Mimosa bed – the little patterned buttons are handmade in India, so every single one is individual. How lovely is that?!


Happy luxury luxury extra comfy British made Happy armchair

The Happy armchair in Cloud blue vintage linen. Considering how chuffed I’d be with this little purchase, I think the range name is very appropriate.

*All pictures for this post have been taken from loaf.com.

Hope you’re all having a nice weekend and thanks, as always, for reading!


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