Pick of the week #16

This week has gone ridiculously quickly in a haze of torrential rain, motorway driving and finally getting the last of our holiday washing done!

My pick of the week, however, is slightly more interesting than any of that!

This week, I’m in love with mint green.

Related image

This wall colour is Little Greene Cupboard Green and  I rather like it.

I think I have an over-enthusiasm for green in Interiors, because I don’t see it much. I, myself, have a green bathroom (I will get round to showing you all that at some point…) but I’ll always remember a training day I went on, almost 8 years ago when I was a fresh faced graduate learning about fabrics, when I was told that “Welsh people don’t like using green in their home.” At the time I thought these people (who were from fabric royalty – Harlequin) were just making it up – they also said that we wouldn’t sell much bird print fabric in Wales, but that didn’t seem like such a stretch – but I have since heard from several customers that they would never dream of having either in their home.

Image result for cole and son hummingbirds

Green and birds?! The horror! I love this Hummingbird wallpaper by Cole & Son

I think it’s a shame, considering how many lovely shades of green there are that these people are missing out on. Especially, remembering the old Interiors trick of ‘bringing the outdoors in’ – if your home has some nice countryside views or is looking out over a lovingly manicured garden, nothing will increase the feeling of openness, than a grassy shade on your upholstery, or a lively green pattern on your curtains, to draw the eye out into the world beyond. And thanks to this typical wet Welsh weather, there’s plenty of green fields to have your eye drawn to around here.

Anyway, I digress…

Mint Green, I would describe as a funny type of colour which is both bright and pale. It’s got more zing in it than sage, but is lighter than aqua. Maybe it’s the ‘duck egg blue’ of the green world? Kind of like the colour of that recycled glassware you can get (or the colour of the sea in Zante *sob*). It’s fresh and modern if paired with hot pink or teal or grey, or teamed up with some chintz-y fabrics and a Persian rug and it’s conjuring up all kinds of country, period home vibes.

I was very happy then, when I entered my customer’s 1990-ish built, townhouse home on the Swansea seafront on Friday morning, and was shown into a freshly painted, gorgeously bright and airy feeling mint green master bedroom.

There were pale grey built-in wardrobes, which potentially aren’t the most inspiring to look at, but a saviour if you’re the type to keep those 100 dresses, just in case (definitely not speaking from experience…) and a white wooden bedstead. Aside from this, the room was bare as it’s only just entering the final stages of a whole home renovation, but it already had a lovely feel…

As you’ll have guessed it, I was there to sort out some window dressings, and we settled on the taupe, white and navy number above, and I suggested that despite my earlier wobbles, brass certainly seems to be back for the foreseeable future, so to invest in some brass handles for the wardrobes, and some fun bedside lamps to warm the scheme up a bit – the pineapple-y ones above are from John Lewis…


There are quite a lot of mint green accessories and bits and pieces around at the moment. So, if you’re liking what you’re seeing, I’d check out H&M’s Washed Linen bedding in Dusky Green (below left) and John Lewis’s Puritan Mint tableware range (below right).


PS – while doing some research for this little post, I have come across what I’d like my next kitchen to look like…

Related image

How gorgeous is this design in Interior Stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg’s home?! Photgraphed by Petra Bindel 

Mint green units, white walls and marble worktops and upstands? I need a pay rise.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

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