Pick of the week #13

Ok, so this is going to be quite a short one today, because it is way too nice and sunny outside to be indoors typing away for hours! If you’re in the UK, I hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather, and if you’re further afield, I hope it’s nice where you are too!

So, this week’s pick of the week, widely, is the shop Oka, but more specifically, a lovely coffee table from them, amazingly called ‘Pompidou’;

Image result for oka pompidou coffee table

Pompidou coffee table, comes in two sizes, from £495.

I saw this coffee table in a rather lovely townhouse in Cardiff Bay, that I was lucky enough to visit for work. The homeowner had styled her living room fairly similarly to the room set from Oka’s website, above, but it was so easy, comfortable and homely, I didn’t mind! I was only there to measure up for some window dressings, but I could have quite easily felt right at home there!

On a broader note, if you’re not aware of Oka, you should be – especially if you like statement pieces, eye-catching lamps and gorgeous soft furnishings. Although Oka is a British company, with stores across the UK, I think they have quite a European aesthetic, with a touch of the exotic, which I love.

Here are some lovely ‘inspiration’ shots from their website…

Definitely a touch of Indian inspiration here.

In love with all of this ikat!

Beach setting, bleached tones, pop of yellow. I’m in heaven!

I hope you like all of this as much as I do? Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

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