Fancy a drink?

It’s Friday, hooray! It is supposed to be hot hot hot this weekend, and with BBQ’s and cocktails in mind for tomorrow evening (I am at work tomorrow morning, boo!) its got me thinking about the current trend for drinks trolleys (isn’t it weird it’s not spelt ‘trollies’?! I did check – multiple sources – so now even ‘trolley’ doesn’t look like a real word anymore)…

Anyway, bar carts, drinks trolleys, hostess trolleys…whatever you call them, they are a big deal at the moment, and have been for a while.

As with most things, I like to think that I started the craze, and somehow a trendsetter of the highest degree saw me wheeling my charity shop find home through the streets of Cardiff a little over 3 years ago and thought, “Hey, I like her style” and so it all began…

In a more realistic world, even 3 years ago they were popping up from home magazines and into my subconscious without me even realising it.

What’s quite sad to admit is that my “It’s only a fiver, I’ll do it up when I have a minute and it’ll be awesome” purchase, probably started life as a tea-trolley (back in the day when that was a thing) and although extremely useful and sagging under the burden of our booze stock (and various other DIY essentials – WD40 anyone?!), it is still in its sad and sorry state that I bought it in. I’m just not sure what to do with it…

Apologies for the less than great images, this is quite a shady corner of the dining room…

As you can – kind of – see, it’s wooden and stained a nasty dark mahogany type colour which is the first problem, because a lot of my favourite designs are metal (remember my post on Brass having a comeback?!), so I’m not sure whether to spray paint it a metallic or crazy colour gloss to go all out glam-gin-palace. Or, maybe I should painstakingly sand it back to the nice-ish light wood underneath the stain and keep it quite boho-rustic looking. Maybe I should tile the tops of the shelves to inject some pattern and interest… I don’t know, so I just haven’t, basically.

I have, however, got myself a few booze related pictures which are on the wall above, to fully make use of the whole alcove as ‘the bar area’ but at the moment, it is them, not the cart which draws your eye…

The yellow one will make it onto the wall, as soon as I can locate the picture hanging strips I know I have somewhere…

Suggestions for what I should do are more than welcome, but for now, here’s some inspiration for us all…


Vertical bar carts

Photo cred – Ideal Home UK

This is another level of bar area all together – imagine dedicating a whole wall to your favourite tipple?! Unsurprisingly, I love this Mid-Century colour combo of blue, yellow and brass!

Image result for bennett lerner interiors bar carts

Photo cred – Erika Bierman Photography for Bennett Lerner Interiors

This trolley is actually made of a faux-malachite and the whole thing just glistens, looking like precious stone. I really like it against the white walls and how it highlights the turquoise in the painting above.

Related image


Photo cred – Pinterest

There are quite a few rattan offerings around, and this one is full on tropical tiki bar style! I love it, just screams for Pina Coladas and drinks with umbrellas in!

Image result for julie ranee house bar cart

Photo cred – Julie Ranee

I really like how dainty this one looks, when combined with the chunky wood furniture; the bright colour makes it stand out even in quite a big room with a lot of other stuff going on.

Image result for derek shapton toronto life magazine

Photo cred – Derek Shapton

It’s strange how refreshing it feels to see some silver! I like the slightly more edgy, industrial feel about this one.

And if you’re in the market for one for yourself, here are my favourites around…

Mid Century Bar Cart, £349.00, West Elm

As a company, West Elm can do no wrong in my eyes. Such a fresh combination of modern and Mid Century styling make their pieces so timeless. This one is lovely, and maybe something like what I could achieve if I fixed mine up to have a nicer walnut stain and some polished brass fittings…

Luxe Round Bamboo Drinks Trolley

Gold Luxe Round Bamboo Drinks Trolley, £395, Oliver Bonas

Check this out!! This one would bring some serious wow-factor to your space, and I love it here paired with the pale walls and floors, it looks very elegant and feminine.

Image result for swoon edition sully bar cart

Sully bar trolley, £229, Swoon Editions

I know this picture isn’t entirely inspiring, but I really like this little guy. A bit of an industrial edge which I like, and the rails around the edges will stop anything falling off if you’re a bit too enthusiastic with your wheeling! I imagine it in a simple, Scandi (dare I say ‘Hugge’) monochrome scheme.

So there you have it, a round up of a trend which has been going for at least 4 years so far, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down or going anywhere. If you’re not wanting to spend too much on one, I’d suggest doing what I did and checking out charity shops and car boot sales… and then doing what I haven’t yet – a bit of up-cycling!


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