Pick of the week #11

So I gave myself an impromptu week off from this last weekend (read, went away for the weekend and forgot laptop!) so today I’m back with #11.

This week it’s a fabric collection which I’m getting all inspired by; Harlequin’s Anthozoa. The collection is new this year, and although there’s a couple of dodgy ones (I’m not sure how I feel about sea shells on my curtains) the majority are delish.

Here’s some lifestyle pics of the collection from their website;

Image result for harlequin anthozoa fabrics

Related image

Image result for harlequin anthozoa fabrics

Related image

Harlequin is a great all-rounder if you’re looking for contemporary fabric. They do it all; great quality plains, patterns, prints and embroideries, stripes, florals, silk, voiles. Everything. They did have a wobbly moment, in my eyes, about 3 years ago where they went a bit retro and it all looked a bit childish, but I’m happy to see that the last few collections have been super.

I particularly like this collection, for its airy base cloths, compact colour story – think grey and black with muted blues, greens and purples for the most part. In Harlequin’s words;

Vivacious and energetic, Anthozoa is bursting with glamorous botanicals, exotic sea plants, inky landscapes and corals

Sounds good.

These two are my favourite fabrics of the whole collection;

Postelia 120597

I’m actually considering buying a metre of this and simply pinning it to the wall behind our bed to act as a decorative backdrop to our plain white wooden bedstead. It has a whopping 137cm pattern repeat, so it’s more like a work of art or wall hanging, than curtain fabric!

Image result for harlequin anthozoa molokai

Molokai 132290

The picture doesn’t really do this fabric justice. It’s a gorgeous lightweight linen; the light comes through, so it doesn’t look as heavy as it does here. The tie dye design is supposed to be reminiscent of fossils, but whatever it reminds you of, I bet it’s not a bad thing! I’m definitely keeping it in my memory bank for when I have my beachfront home with whitewashed walls…

What do you think? Would love to know your thoughts!

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2 Responses to Pick of the week #11

  1. I’m vibing on those copper touches – particularly the coffee table. It’s a wonderful contrast to the beachy blues. Very cool! 🙂


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