Pick of the week #10

Wow, up to #10 already! Time flies. This week has been busy; full of appointments, driving around in this bizarre May weather we’re having and enjoying the subsequent hideous hay-fever induced head-pounding snot-fest. Lush.

Aside from all of this, my favourite thing by far was a lovely little stone cottage – converted from a cattle barn in the 1990s – I visited yesterday, in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Llantrithyd Place

Llantrithyd Place. Image Cred – Mick Lobb.

The kitchen was truly the heart of the home, and central to it, is a Claret red Aga. It looked amazing! I’m not convinced I completely understand Agas and how they work, but they sure look pretty! The homeowner is having a complete overhaul of the whole place, starting with the kitchen, and everything – bar the Aga – is going.

Here’s how the scheme is coming together…

So, the red Aga will still be central to the scheme, with a new sage green kitchen working around it, with white/grey Carrara marble worktops. There will be a new Limestone tiled floor and the homeowner is searching for vintage Ercol – or similar Mid Century – round dining table and chairs. The walls will be a simple off-white to keep it looking fresh, and a Jim Lawrence antique brass Bloomsbury pendant light will hang over the dining table, with recesses spotlights in the kitchen area. To finish things off in a quirky fashion, and to exploit the fact that this little cottage is in the middle of nowhere, a countryside inspired embroidery will be the curtains for the dining area, and a roman blind in the kitchen – Voyage Fox and Hare.



P.S – If you’re in the market for an Aga, check out their new colour for 2017, Dartmouth Blue. It is to die for.

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