Pick of the week #9

So, this week has been a bit thin on the ground in terms of real life inspiration – been a bit of a beige week at work – so instead, my pick of the week this week is something I’ve been seeing lots of online.

And that is Neon signs…

Image result for lisa dawson instagram

Photo credit – Lisa Dawson, from her amazing Instagram account!

What a cool way to incorporate your favourite song lyric or motto into your home.

Here are some really cool options, ready to buy online;

Lightbulb neon sign, £25, by ShopPrettyUtopian on Etsy

This is a great shop with loads of little neon designs that could brighten up any boring shelf or corner, at really great prices too!

Image result for neoncreations love sign

Love sign, £552, neoncreations

Ok, so a bit of an investment piece but it would look so cool in our bedroom. Nothing says “love” like a big neon sign, right?!…

Cactus neon light, £25, Gypsy Warrior

If you’re not the most green-fingered of sorts, but want to jump on the houseplant bandwagon, why not get one of these! You could even put the base in a plant pot for a cheeky twist.

So, that’s all for this week, hope you’re having a lovely sunny Sunday. We’re just heading off to a Christening, and I’m  getting the legs out for the first time this Spring sans tights (eek!) so lets hope the rain stays away!

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