Master Bedroom – a rewind

So, there is something I have been very aware that my blog has been missing, after all, an ‘after’ shot isn’t much cop without a ‘before’ shot… The lack of ‘before’ images, has mostly been down to my old camera not being hugely cooperative with my new laptop. However, today, Husband has worked some magic, and I am suddenly overwhelmed with pictures of major crack-age, walls in various stages of destruction and hideous old paint colours and wallpapers! Hooray!

So, I thought I’d do a rewind post, so show exactly how things started for the Master Bedroom seeing as my original post was somewhat lacking!

So, here goes; How we started. A dreamy combination of beige and purple peeling feature wallpaper, grey walls, brown striped carpet, grey roller blinds (broken), brass curtain poles (in places, stuck up by blue-tac), blue door and yellow damp stain on the ceiling.






After we removed the feature wallpaper, and stripped the worst of the skirting boards;


Pre-moving in; coving installed, ceiling sealed and painted, walls filled and painted, skirting boards glossed, new curtain poles fitted and temporary curtains hung, ceiling lampshade hung, carpet fitted;



We did this room’s makeover before we moved in, so this 4.5×3.5m space became our sanctuary, away from the destruction and mess of the rest of the house! I still love my chosen pink/white/grey colour scheme, inspired in 2010 (5 years prior to actual home-ownership!) by this fabric sample;


Nina Campbell Magnolia Terrace NCF3761/03

Maybe I should get it framed?!

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