Pick of the week #7

This week’s pick is more of a destination, than an actual thing: H&M Home!

Whether you have a store near you, or just access to the internet, H&M Home is where you need to be.

I keep visits to my local store as minimal as possible; because things are so reasonably priced, you can easily go a bit over the top and retreat, bags in hand and £50 shorter without really even blinking. I generally just check it out every few months to see what’s new.

This is the entrance to the department in my local store in Cardiff, and was more than enough to entice us in (and Instagram it!);


I really do love a basket – Husband may have a point when he says we have too many baskets, based on the basket of baskets in the loft, but my argument is maybe that I need to buy more stuff, to go in the baskets…

Anyway, back to the point in hand, and seeing as this really is supposed to be one thing that I’ve picked, rather than a shop full of things, I’ve managed to narrow it down to my favourite 3 things (aside from the baskets!) you need to check out;

Left – Photo-print curtain length – £17.99 per length. I really love this and wish I’d seen it sooner – it would have been great to use as our actual door curtain in the dining room, to hide our pretty ugly PVC number…

Right top – Small plate with beetle motif – £3.99. Maybe you could use it as a soap tray for a fun surprise in a botanical themed cloakroom or bathroom

Right bottom – Gold metal Trivet – £8.99. This is so pretty and could be a super functional addition to an uber glamorous centre piece display for your dining table.


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