“Willy Wonka Chic”

A while ago, an apartment tour published on Apartment Therapy popped up on my Twitter feed and it really got in my head. I really loved the feeling of fun and freedom in the use of so much colour and stuff (for want of a better word!) in really what is a pretty small space – typical I suppose for a New York apartment. The article described it as “Willy Wonka Chic” which in itself is brilliant.

With so much going on, you’d think it would be hard to pick a favourite thing, but for me, it was easy. The Sushi Clock!

This is actor, Coco Cohn’s New York apartment, photographed by Melanie Rieders

Apparently it was a gift, so I can’t tell you where it’s from, but there are lots around on the Internet if you fancy your own.

I have a fairly large silly streak and this clock got me thinking about how people’s personality comes out in their homes. I think our house would have a lot more frivolity if it wasn’t for two things;

  1. Husband’s slightly more conservative point of view on Interior Design. For instance, on our landing, we have a Victorian spindle balustrade. One of the spindles is different to the others – obviously a more recent replacement for a broken original – and I really wanted to paint it a different colour to the rest of the gloss white woodwork to highlight it. I was thinking Neon Pink. When I told Husband, I thought he was going to pass out and I think there was even a lighthearted threat of divorce if I did it while he was out! He was even slightly worried about the Sage Green colour (wild, I know!) I chose for the bathroom walls. He likes it now, but I think his natural habitat is shades of beige
  2. The fact this isn’t our ‘Forever Home’ and I don’t want to put off potential buyers with too much silly.

Anyway, the point of this post is the fact that I think sometimes Interior Design is taken too seriously. Having stuff just because it makes you laugh or smile when you see it, is good enough reason for choosing it in my opinion. I think that’s why I chose my pop of “secret yellow” to highlight our home.

You can, of course, find anything you could imagine for your interior these days, but sometimes the little things can be the most interesting. Take inspiration from the Sushi Clock and add a bit of time-keeping frivolity to your interior without really having to commit – or majorly freak out your other half! Clocks provide an instant feature to any room – although probably most suited to rooms with a purpose i.e. hallways, kitchens, studies. No reason that a room with a purpose can’t be a room with personality.

Here are my top picks – enjoy!

Top row l-r – Jones Lemon Clock, £10, John Lewis. Vitra Ball clock Orange, £230.

Middle row l-r –   Connox Kookoo clock, White, £100. Cat with Hat clock, £80, Rory Dobner

Bottom row l-r – Dachshund clock with wagging tail (I am a fan of sausage dogs at the best of times, but this is brilliant!), The Labrador Company, £45. Sunset clock, green, £134, Progretti. 

Time to have some fun!


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