Pick of the week #6

So, this week’s pick is something a bit different to my usual M.O.

In honour of Earth Day (which was yesterday, but hey, no prizes for punctuality on this blog!) I read an article which has got to be my favourite thing to happen this week…

On Friday, 21st April, Britain went a whole day without having to use coal to produce electricity. For the first time since the Industrial Revolution in the 1880s.

National Grid spokesperson, Cordi O’Hara, said:

“To have the first working day without coal since the start of the industrial revolution is a watershed moment in how our energy system is changing. The UK benefits from highly diverse and flexible sources of electricity. Our energy mix continues to change and National Grid adapts system operation to embrace these changes.”

I think this is pretty damn cool. And I’m not going to turn all eco-warrior on you – I over-fill the kettle with the best of them – but I do think energy efficiency is something we all should be taking seriously. I know, certainly in the UK, there are ways to get green technologies installed at home and earn money back for doing it, so if your boiler’s on the blink and you’re in your ‘forever’, or at least ‘mid-to-long-term’, home – it’s something you should look into.

And to celebrate Earth Day just a tiny bit more, here are some pretty pictures of this beautiful country I call home from the last few weeks – enjoy!

Pen y Fan – Brecon Beacons


Tenby, Pembrokeshire


Kinver, West Midlands

If you want to see more pics like these, follow me on Instagram – @heidirobbins.syh

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