Kitchen Doing…

So, I’ve already written about our Kitchen Planning experience. This post is going to be about the stuff that followed; in the 4 months between buying and receiving delivery of the kitchen, and the 3 months between receiving the kitchen and it being finished! Well, technically, we only recently laid the flooring, so in total, from ordering to completely finishing, it took about 18 months, but that sounds too ridiculous to be true! Oh and we still haven’t fitted a proper light…so lets say it’s still a work in progress and I’ll hide my face in shame!

As a brief re-cap, the kitchen as it was when we moved in, was a fairly fluid interpretation of a kitchen, with not a lot of it actually being fitted; more a few units dotted around with a wobbly worktop to take a chance on when we fancied actual food.

First up on the to do list was to rid the ceiling of it’s coating of wood chip (why?!?) which in itself was a horror of a job. The ceiling was also adorned with a dirty fluorescent tube light which we took down and replaced with a standard light socket (which one day will become a lovely run of directional spotlights, I promise)! There were barely any plug sockets in useful locations in the kitchen, so while sorting out the light, we also got some plugs moved around, so we would have plug points either side of the cooker, and above the wall cupboards to supply electricity to the extractor fan.

Previously, we had the back wall of the kitchen treated for damp, so this was left in a scratch coat, ready for plastering with the rest of the room, so for quite some time, we were rocking, what I can only describe as, Crack Den Chic. The bare basics were in the kitchen, mostly covered with dustsheets for most of the time, with the majority of the cupboards and long length of worktop set up in the “dining room”.

So this was about the point we got to when the kitchen was delivered. Along side this stuff, we were also tackling eternally Damp wall and sorting out the utility room/downstairs toilet. No rest for the wicked!

So, after delivery of the kitchen and eternally Damp wall was transformed into a lovely, dry, wall, Husband and I had a week off which is when we planned on fitting the kitchen (in one week – our first kitchen fitting experience – major optimists)! At this point, we had no room in the dining room, as the new kitchen was in there in boxes, and no room in the kitchen because we were decorating it, so the extent of a kitchen we had for around a fortnight, was this;


As a brief respite from the monotony of DIY and hideousness of our home, I booked for us to go to one of these massive trampoline parks in Cardiff which hadn’t long been open to blow off some steam. Now, this is turning into a public warning. After 15 minutes, Husband had put his back out (it was fine after a day or two, but he moaned a lot) and I had done something dodgy to my left knee (it was not fine after a day or two, in fact it got progressively worse until I went to the doctors a fortnight after, and ended up being sat on my arse for the following 2 months with ligament damage)!! So, beware the devil trampolines!

That misadventure put an abrupt end to my helpfulness in terms of kitchen fitting, so I took more of an advisory/overseeing role. But the transformation, was pretty impressive to watch.

As you can see, at this point, there were various things which you’d associate with a regular kitchen still missing. Namely, tiled splashbacks, kickboards, actual flooring – not just concrete slab, lighting, blinds at the windows and any other pretty bits to brighten the place up. As I said earlier, we are still awaiting a proper light (we can’t agree on one we both like which is suitable, as we need double insulated fittings due to our old school wiring) but other than that, it is all done and yes, even a tiny bit of yellow (in a mustard form in the blinds and my favourite kitchen related artwork)!

Shopping List:

Kitchen – Wren Kitchens Designer Matt Cream Shaker Unit and Grigio Luna laminate worktops. Including integral Bosch dishwasher and Candy fridge/freezer.

Paint Colour – Little Greene Bone China Blue – colour matched by Valspar in Kitchen and Bathroom emulsion

Tiles – Topps Tiles Vyne White Gloss with Bal Micromax grout in Smoke (grey)

Floor – Quickstep Impressive waterproof laminate in Soft Oak Natural

Range Cooker – Baumatic Gas Range cooker, 90cm, bought from Currys

Accessories – Blinds, Laundry print (in the utility room) and clock from John Lewis. How to Cook print from Notonthehighstreet.

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2 Responses to Kitchen Doing…

  1. designcuessite says:

    I admire your patience. I remember when our home was being remodeled back in 2005, and I wanted to move out during construction!


    • secretyellowhome says:

      Oh thank you Elizabeth! No admiration required though – it was truly hideous and I probably wasn’t feeling like the most patient person at the time! Its hard work, but worth it eh?! Thanks for reading!


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