Pick of the week #4

Wowsers these 4 weeks have gone fast! Since when did life become so busy and time go so quickly?! My Mum has always told me I’m too young to think time goes too fast, but seriously, I can’t keep up! I am going to attempt to have a write-athon today and get some bits drafted so there is some more interesting stuff on here in the next couple of weeks! Thanks for staying with me!

So this week’s number 1 pick is some geometric floor tiles I pretty much literally swooned over at a customer’s house this week. In fairness the whole home was swoon-worthy. A gorgeous (huuuugggee!!) Georgian mansion overlooking the Bristol Channel. On a lovely sunny day, the view was worth the 10 minute challenge to find anywhere to park anywhere close to the place, and the following on-foot struggle up an extremely steep path – including steps – with all of my gear – in a black suit.



Mandarin Stone – Casablanca Mono Decor 2/12 Floor Tiles, £40.80/m²

These tiles are part of a wider Casablanca collection which all have the same lovely colour palette with quite a warm base colour and tonal grey patterns and designs.

mandarin stone

In the home I saw them in, they were used in the main family bathroom; complete with waist high tongue and groove painted a mid dove-grey, with the top two thirds of the walls covered in an equally gorgeous wallpaper of a pale grey background with a chinoiserie style pattern incorporating blue and yellow birds, finished off with 2 extravagant crystal chandeliers to make the most of the 3m high ceilings! I don’t think I’d have changed a thing! Pure luxury, with a colourful twist.

I’m not completely sure they are the exact right ones, but this wallpaper and chandelier are the most similar I can find after a couple of hours of Googling!

Wallpaper – Cole & Son Winter Birds 100/2008. Chandelier – John Lewis Bethany 6 arm ceiling light.

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