Pick of the week #3

By far, my favourite thing this week, is something I spotted in the warren of a customer’s old cottage hallway. A touch of humour, in an otherwise fairly traditional home. It brightened my day when I spotted these lovely things peeking out from round a corner;

From Welsh company, Fauxidermy, the Hare, Roe Deer, Fox and Badger. All pictures from their website.

I am a big fan of most of the faux animal head wall hangings that have been emerging over the last few years (apart from the hugely over-used white stag head type – very bachelor pad circa 2014), but you usually see them in a novelty setting such as a nursery or playroom.

Not any more. Fauxidermy is a company based near Abergavenny in South Wales. The pieces my customer had were from the Parc Lodge collection, which is inspired by a medieval deer park, now an area protected by the National Trust, near the Sugar Loaf Mountain, near Abergavenny.

Image result for sugar loaf mountain abergavenny

The Sugar Loaf – Photo from the National Trust’s website

You can tell from the fabrics and colour stories of the pieces, that they were heavily influenced by the Medieval period, and have a magical quality to them. Each character is made from similar fabrics in the same, narrow, selection of colours, that reflects the type of natural dyes would have been available in Medieval times.

Having said all of this, and although I saw them in an 18th century cottage, I think they would be just at home in a contemporary setting. I always think the nook under the stairs, if you have a modern, open hallway in your home, is a great place to have a collection of art or wall hangings, as the triangular shape of the wall instantly attracts the eye. Fauxidermy have some life size pieces – Red Stag and Fallow Deer heads which go up to 5 feet tall(!) in this collection, and imagine how great one of them would look in this space! They do have a distinct countryside feel (obviously) so maybe the dream setting would be a modern barn conversion? Huge, high, white washed walls, with a group of these heads used to define a more cosy space in an open plan kitchen/dining/living space? Or lined up at eye level along the incline of a wide staircase? Or a select few to greet you on the landing, at the top of the stairs (even better if there is a turn in your staircase, so they provide a nice surprise as you get to the top)? The list goes on….

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