Blue is the colour

Aside from my lovingly placed yellow accents, blue is by far my favourite colour to have around the house. I’m not sure if it’s a direct rebellion against my Mother and her disregard for it as a cold and uninviting colour for interiors, but I did quite enjoy the look on her face when I told her I was painting our kitchen blue. As a colour, it transports me to the seaside, and evokes memories of growing up on the coast, or enjoying sunsoaked beach holidays around the world, which can never be a bad thing. I’m proud to say that how my house has turned out has brought her around to my way of thinking, or at least has got much better at pretending, but not a lot makes my heart skip with joy more than a customer asking me for help finding the perfect, blue, fabric…

A couple of weeks ago I was at a gorgeous property near Llanelli, on the Machynlys Peninsula, with the most stunning views of the estuary of the River Loughor. It was a lovely, clear, sunny Spring day, but I’m sure the feel would have been much more wild had it been a different, more ferocious day. I was measuring up in the kitchen/dining room, a South West facing, spacious and light filled room, approx 8m long, and 4m wide (jealous much?!), where the customer had recently had a new kitchen installed; a solid wood work of art by a local carpenter, the units painted a lovely combination of white and blue/grey. The units themselves are extremely solid looking, but the white quartz worktops added a light, sleek and modern touch. She also had a bespoke sideboard made in the same style as the units for the dining end of the room, which was painted in the darkest grey, with an oiled oak top, so she obviously wasn’t adverse to drama.

Due to rules with my job, I can’t share the exact photos I took, but the view and kitchen were along the lines of these;

Photo credits – Left, the view of the Loughor Estuary, as taken by Siriol on her #walkingwales expedition. Right, the kitchen of a home in San Francisco, as designed by l’oro designs.

She wanted a patterned, but not really floral, fabric in a modern and bold style – for a jaw dropping, envy inducing, pair of curtains to dress the bi-fold doors in the dining area, which opened out onto a sun deck, as well as a roman blind to dress the window above the sink.

I’ve mentioned my love for Designers Guild before, but, they undoubtedly do blue like nobody else. The range of colour they produce, from the subtlest icy and powder blues, through to the most vibrant cobalt available, down to the deepest inky indigo – they can do no wrong. In a plethora of cottons, linens, silks and velvets, florals, geometrics and plains – in my opinion, they’ve got every base (beautifully) covered! So they were my first, and only, port of call. Their website is a treasure trove of ideas, and I’ve picked my faves from their projects gallery;


The Ink – by Unique Home Stays, in Cornwall, UK


Halcyon House Hotel – By Anna Spiro,  on the NSW coast, Australia

The perfect inspiration for the person looking for drama, not too much floral, and a definitely blue, fabric. They have such a range of designs and cloths in their repertoire, but it was their romantic, sort of hazy geometric designs that really sprang to mind for this customer. I imagined a delicate linen base cloth, which would have a wonderful natural drape, but not too much bulk – perfect for both the roman blind and the huge expanse of curtaining needed for the bi-folds.

Designer’s Guild have a new fabric collection out this Spring, called Majolica, and I was immediately drawn to two fabrics;


Cellini Cobalt FDG2689/02


Arabesque Cobalt FDG2690/01

I am in heaven looking at these fabrics! I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t want to just tear everything up, move to a sea-view location and start again; If we’re really dreaming, lets say to a beautiful, sun drenched coastline of a Greek Island or Australian cliff top! It’s not often a customer’s vision will align with my own personal preferences, but God I enjoy it when it does!

Samples were sent and ideas discussed, and as of now, we have the order placed. In this instance, the Arabesque design won, and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!…

Let me know what you think of blue in interiors! Do you love it as much as me?!


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3 Responses to Blue is the colour

  1. Completely agree! Blue is the best color for design! 💙💙💙


  2. roxydog44 says:

    Love the Arabesque fabric!


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