Beach vibes

I’m gonna warn you early on. This post is going to be heavy on the pics. I’m not in much of a wordy mood today, but thought I’d share some nice pics of the seaside, which I’ve realised may have subconsciously influenced the entire palette of our home!

I have a funny relationship with the seaside. I was born and grew up on the windy coast of Essex. Childhood memories include;

  • Swimming in the sea when it really wasn’t warm enough to be a treat
  • Trying to change back into clothes with a towel wrapped round you when you’re still a bit clammy from it not being warm enough to dry naturally
  • Putting socks on still wet and sandy feet *shudder*
  • Hours after leaving the beach, biting down on a random bit of sand somehow still in your mouth.

Now, however, I regard a windy walk on a beach as pretty high up on my list of priorities for a lazy weekend. We got married on a beach, so that’s a nice memory too. Can’t say I’m going to be stripping off for a dip in the Bristol channel anytime soon, but I think I’m coming back around to the idea.

Anyway, today Husband and I went to Porthcawl, in honour of our wedding anniversary, and it was stunning. Only negative being that we forgot our sunnies = headaches all round this arvo!


And what I said about it influencing our home…Here is a collection of all the paint colours I have used;

See what I mean?!

Hope you are having a lovely day too! Here’s to Saturdays!

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