Master Bedroom

Our bedroom was the only room in the house that didn’t need anything major, just a bit of re-decorating. Once we’d managed to rid ourselves of the awful purple floral feature wall wallpaper on the chimney breast, we realised that the wall we’d exposed probably could have done with a skim, but we knew that in a couple of weeks, this room was going to have to be a sanctuary, away from the mess of the rest of the place, so we didn’t have the time to indulge. Instead, one Saturday (while Husband and Father put up a new fence in the garden, which I’ll talk about another time) I spent 6 of my precious hours using a 3″ wide plastic spatula to spread a coat of Polyfilla Finishing Skim across a wall approx 4.5 x 2.5 m. In fairness, it’s a good product and the wall ended up being the smoothest wall in the room, but that is a day of my life I will never get back.


We’re lucky that the master bedroom is a pretty good size. It measures approx 3.5×4.5 m and has two windows to the front of the house, which is west-facing, so it stays quite nice and dark in the mornings, but gets some lovely evening warmth as the sun sets. The layout of the room was fairly obvious, due to one wall being taken up with windows, the opposite wall having the door and a large radiator on it, and one of the side walls having a 1.2m wide chimney breast in the middle of it. So the bed is opposite the chimney breast, with bedside cupboards either side. The wardrobes are in the recesses to either side of the chimney, which has two small chests of drawers next to one another in front, with plenty of room to walk/Yoga/Pilates around where the furniture is!




I have known the colour scheme for my bedroom for about 7 years, since I fell in love with a Nina Campbell fabric called Magnolia Terrace- right. What you can’t see very well from the pic (sorry it’s not great) is that there is a highlight of a soft salmon-y pink on each leaf, and it’s this combination of soft pink, white, grey and taupe which immediately inspired me. It retails for approx £50/m, so it’s likely that this 30x40cm sample is as close to owning it as I’m going to get, but it gave me that lightbulb moment of knowing exactly what I wanted. Pink walls, cool beige carpet, furniture to be a mix of white-painted, and different types of wood, white curtain poles and grey and white striped curtains. And of course, a surprise touch of yellow. Not once in the following 7 years have I seen anything that changed my mind.

My Husband is a bit rubbish when it comes to imagining colours, so when I told him I wanted to paint our room pink, he freaked out, imagining a super girly fuchsia in-your-face kind of thing. (I recently asked him what colour he though Magenta was, just for kicks – turns out he didn’t know that “that word was a colour” but if he had to guess….“maybe like a bluey-green”?! Such fun!)

Anyway, he soon got on board when he realised I wasn’t going to turn our bedroom into a Barbie boudoir, but after selling the idea so hard, what I didn’t expect is that it would be so difficult to find the colour I had in mind available! Not even Farrow and Ball or Little Greene could help! This was Spring of 2015, so imagine my surprise (read ‘annoyance’) when this colour sprang up everywhere in Spring 2016! I remember coming up the escalator at work and seeing a huge bedroom display, basically in exactly the colours and set up as my bedroom at home, which I had decorated almost a whole year previously! (I swear there’s someone following me – I was well into zigzags before they got cool again too!)

Sorry, another tangent. In the end, I found an old Dulux colour that had been discontinued from stores in 2014, called Satin Bow (is still available to buy online but I’m not that brave) and went to my local B&Q where the wizards behind the Valspar paint mixing counter did a 99% accurate colour match from the 1cm square of the colour in my old paint chart! I still drove Husband mad by purchasing a further 8 tester pots from every outlet I could find, which cemented my belief that it was the one.

What ensued was a frantic exercise in coving installation – which involved Husband making a bespoke mitre box for the especially deep, period style coving I had chosen (sorry and thank you again) and sanding, more sanding and then more sanding and swearing at, skirting boards. More Polyfilla (seriously should have bought shares in that company), 3 coats of undercoat and 1 top coat of Brilliant White Satinwood on all the woodwork, 3 coats of paint on all the walls, numerous trips to Ikea, and some lovely carpet from John Lewis as a housewarming present from Mother. Then we were ready to move in.

Here’s some lovely snapshots to make you believe I’m a real Interior Designer;

The bedstead, wardrobes and chests of drawers are from Ikea. The carpet, curtain poles and readymade curtains are from John Lewis. The wooden bedside table is from my Husband’s uni days and was found in a charity shop (I think it’s actually supposed to be a CD storage unit but whatever!) and the cream bedside table was a hand me down from a friend who didn’t want it anymore. The bedside lamps are from Sainsburys and the throw is from Tesco. The chair (under the throw) flits between the bedroom and bathroom, and I rescued it, much to Husband’s dismay, from the tip.

Here’s a lovely picture of what our bedroom looks like today, to show that I’m a real human being;


Much like the idea of going on holiday to the same place year after year, I never thought I would want to have the same room in home after home. But now I’ve lived with this scheme for almost 2 years, I think I probably would try to revive it again in future homes; preferably without the PlayStation and Husband’s ‘clothes mountain’, but hey-ho! It is comforting and it is warm, but light and uplifting at the same time. I love it. Especially when it’s tidy, but even when it’s not.

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