It is almost our 3rd wedding anniversary (whaaat?!) so it means it is the same, frantic online searching for that perfect gift. Our wedding was pretty unconventional; The two of us, flying to the other side of the world, to say ‘I do’ on a beach in Sydney Harbour, with only a couple of friends and a photographer in tow. I wore ivory and held orchids, the groom wore chinos and our shoes were left by the side. It really was the best, most surreal, day of my life! (barf)


So, to off-set this unusual start to married life, we (I) decided it would be fun to use one of these traditional lists of what each year means to dictate our gifts – 1st anniversary paper, 2nd cotton, and now 3rd, meaning leather and so on…

We’re normal people and I’ve already compared us and our 2 bed house to Grand Designs, so I think we all know what kind of budget we live to. For the first year, we made each other presents, but when I realised that what I got was way better than what I had made, I vetoed that idea out of shame. Instead, we set a budget of £15, so we can’t get too crazy and just find each other a token gift.

I’m rubbish with presents though. I hardly ever want anything for myself, I’d always rather have something pretty round the house, so in these situations, my eyes do tend to wander…

My experience of leather in my interiors thus far has only really been the cheap leather sofas we inherited from our ex-landlord when we moved through several of his properties over the years, so I’ve never been a big fan. Leather feels cold when its cold, and hot and sticky when you’re hot and sticky, so I would never willingly purchase a leather sofa/chair/chaise etc. I have however, always wanted a cowhide rug but they don’t tend to exist within the realms of our affordability just yet, and I worry that in my head I know exactly the splodgy pattern I would want the hide to have, so I’d only be disappointed when, obviously, the cow wasn’t made to my specific request! Also, Husband has an issue with the whole skin-on-the-floor situation – a bit too “real” for his liking aparently!

But, I’ve just found a gem of an online store called Howat & Hutchinson – a dedicated leather homewares retailer based out of North Yorkshire – who have some brilliantly quirky leather and cowhide accent pieces that have changed my mind, and maybe, one day, might change Husband’s. The products do conjure up images of gentleman’s clubs and drawing rooms, so I’m not sure how well they’d fit into my current home, but the finish on them is so luxurious and tactile, I just want to touch them!! If only I had just slightly more than £15 to spend…

My absolute favourites are the elegant and sharply detailed Butler Tray Table (how cool would you feel pouring a drink from this?!) and the oh so quirky Hoxton cowhide footstool – a much less “real” way to incorporating some hide/fur to an interior.


Anyway, back to reality and I’d better stop getting distracted… I’m sure someone on Etsy or Notonthehighstreet will be able to help… A bookmark says ” I love you” right?!

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