Pantone Colour of the Year 2017- Greenery

Ok, so it seems every Spring/Summer collection rolls out and we’re bombarded with the next batch of green. I think, by now, we all expect it and we all appreciate that yes, Spring is a time for new life and green shoots and in the world as a whole, obviously this is a lovely thing. But on the high street, and the front pages of all the magazines, it can start to get a bit predictable.

So, imagine my surprise when Pantone revealed their Colour of the Year 2017 – Greenery – and I realised that I love it! I’m such a hypocrite!


It’s pretty bold, but it’s not the usual acidic, rise-and-shiny green. It’s softer. It’s light and bright, but some how a bit deeper and richer than the average ‘lime green’.

It could sit easily in any home; it’s a firm favourite in the world of retro styling, but I could equally see it in a sleek contemporary kitchen, or a homely country style bathroom. Imagine this colour on the outside of a roll top?! Oh wait, you don’t have to…


Thanks to Norfolk Antiques and Reclamation no imagination required.

In my mind, however, it’s in my formal sitting room. A mix of traditional and contemporary style. Picture this; high ceilings, a big bay window and a silky, silvery, Great Dane casually lounging in the corner! Battleship grey walls, walnut floor, and this beautiful rich green in luxuriously soft velvet upholstery. To top it off, a showstopper pair of floor length curtains in a botanical inspired embroidery; highlighting the depth of greens on an ivory linen base cloth.

Paint – Little Greene Dark Lead Colour 118 / Sofa – Made Scott in Grass Cotton Velvet / Flooring – Ted Todd Eldon Hill solid Walnut / Fabric – GP & J Baker Royal Ferns BP10457.1

Yes please!

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